Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Published...Again!

Titled "The Industrialized Distortion of Our Life Cycles"

Check it out at: http://www.naturalnews.com/022671.html



Anonymous said...

Dude!!! antibiotics won't kill a virus and they don't mutate to avoid something that is harmless to them. Antibiotics kill BACTERIA!!!! The reason that doctor's prescribe antibiotics for viral infections is severalfold. First, people who pay for the doctor want something from the doctor, like a pill. And the doctor obliges because he can charge more. Also, the are prescribed in case an undiagnosed secondary infection is present. And then the doctor can usually schedule a "follow up" visit after the pills run out. Mo Money, Mo Money!!!!!

Today's Rant said...

1. What are antibiotics?
Antibiotics are medicines that help your body fight bacteria and viruses, either by directly killing the offending bugs or by weakening them so that your own immune system can fight and kill them more easily. The vast majority of antibiotics are bacteria fighters; although there are millions of viruses, we only have antibiotics for half-a-dozen or so of them. Bacteria, on the other hand, are more complex (while viruses must "live" in a "host" (us), bacteria can live independently) and so are easier to kill. (http://www.drreddy.com/antibx.html#abxwhat)
2. Antiviral medications change the environment to prevent the virus from multiplying but that change is what I believe causes mutations.
3. Couldn't agree more that most medications are a money making scheme and we should let our immune system do its job!

Thank you for comments!

Today's Rant said...

To reaffirm my point: "Human and animal viruses can also develop resistance to antiviral antibiotics, usually through mutation. This isn't a big issue, since there aren't a lot of antiviral antibiotics. However, antiviral resistance has become a major problem in HIV (AIDS) therapy, where the virus rapidly becomes resistant to the first-line antivirals such as AZT."(http://www.drreddy.com/antibx.html#abxwhat)