Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beyond Repair

Beyond repair...two words you dread hearing from your mechanic. You take it in for an oil change and lo-and-behold; the engine is about to fall out. Everything seemed fine…and yet sometimes the damage was done a long time ago and just grew beyond control. Other times, it was a specific incident that led to its place in the junkyard.

But this rant is not going to be about car maintenance rather it is about personal maintenance. You hear it all the time…throughout life you will have your “ups-and-downs”, “good times and bad”. You might have a “bad time” now, but if you keep trying your best, you will move past it and lead into a “good time”. Like most normal human beings, you and I understand this concept. A leak in your roof, your car breaking down or even losing a big client might upset you…you might have a few drinks, smokes, go for a long run…whatever mechanism you have for dealing with negative situations, you allow yourself to move past it. Whether it is a multitude of smaller aspects that fester, a larger incident that breaks them, or being a lemon from the beginning, some people are beyond repair.

A 101-year old woman using a walker was on her way to church, when a man, caught on tape, hit her in the face and then took her purse. He then proceeded to rifle through her pockets, stunned, the victim tried to keep her balance from the hits to the head. The mugger had a clear exit and no threat around him. Purse in hand, this vicious monster then knocked the victim to the floor. Maybe he thought the walker was an act and she would try to run after him. At this point, he allegedly hoped on a pink bike and shortly thereafter, mugged an 84-year old woman who was also using a walker.

I cannot fathom any valid argument or excuse for this individual’s behavior. Maybe his grandmother abused him with her walker, and seeing those steal rods sent years of torture surging through his veins? Maybe an old lady ran over his prized blue bike, now reducing him to the pink one? No matter what trials and tribulations you might have personally gone through, to commit an act such as this, you must not have a soul or any cylinders working for that matter, and are therefore, beyond repair.